P&J's services both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.


While you're moving walls, let us get your furniture and appliances out of the way (we'll bring the wrap!). We can hold everything for you until the date you decide, and then we'll put everything back exactly where you want it to belong.


If your home or business was damaged and you're dealing with an abatement situation, let us take care of the appliances and furniture while the specialists handle everything else. We'll pick up, store, and return your items on the date you request.

Antique Dealer?

Can't fit all the treasure you found at the local flea market in your van? We are licensed and insured and will handle each and every one of your pieces with utmost care. We understand what valuable means and won't let you down.


Don't want to pay that Big Box store their high delivery fees, or they can only get to your home or business five days from now? Call us, tell us where to go, and we'll bring your order right over, usually on the same day.

P&J's Delivery Service currently provides its services to the following businesses:

Service Master • ServPro • Pacific Sales (appliance outlet) • Antique Depot • Chapman Mall Antiques • Antique Mall